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Tony Allen and Tyres on the Drive - Taking the hassle out of car maintenance!

Slight glitch with the online ordering system but customer services sorted it very quickly over the phone. After that it was all plain sailing. Slot booked for 10-12. Bang on 10, Tony Allen phoned to let me know he would be with me in about half an hour and pretty much bang on 10:30 he arrived. After expertly backing a rather large van up my slightly tricky driveway, Tony spent a few minutes talking through the order and giving me some helpful advice all in a very easy-going and friendly manner. I had two tyres that were very close to the legal minimum and I knew these definitely needed replacing. I had another that had more tread left but had a slow leak. When I ordered, the agent agreed to send four tyres just in case. Tony found the nail in the third tyre and told me that given the location he could repair it for me. He showed me that both it and the other were showing cracking due to age (they were rears and I had worn out several sets of fronts during the time they had been on so if I'm honest I knew they were well past their best). But I didn't feel under any pressure and could have gone with just the two new tyres and a repair - given the money I was saving I took his advice and replaced all four. Again, Tony's estimate (40 minutes) was spot on and the work was completed, paperwork done and Tony on his way less than an hour after arriving. I know who I'll go to when my wife's car's front tyres need replacing in the not-too-distant future.

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