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Yet another failure. Yodel used in error again....

So after several abysmal failures in the past by Yodel to simply deliver a package, I vowed never to deal with ANY retailer who discloses they use this company.
Three consecutive failures, two whilst shopping at Amazon left me in no dount this was the best way to ensure my own sanity.
One package not delivered, one signed for by someone else and left on the drive, the third Amazon order dropped in the rear garden in the rain for over a week without our knowledge....

So here we are again, and a purchase this time from a large automotive retailer.

First attempt is a day later than retailer suggests Yodel will deliver so a day at home wasted and of course the next day I'm at work.
Calling card received, 1st attempt, try to enter it into the online system to arrange collection. No go - it doesn't exist.
Around the 'automated' system we go a couple of times and eventually it connects to a human on the central phone number on the card.
I arrange to collect from the depot an hour away, next day, just because I know from experience that this is likely the safest way to get my parcels.
Next day, and forty minutes into journey to collect from the depot, my wife rings - she's just got home to find another calling card....
Purely by luck that I didn't get the whole hour to the depot and find my parcel out on a van again or I would have been even more angry at wasting two hours and all that fuel.
Local depot have NO RECORD of the arrangement made with the central control to collect from the local depot.

Honestly - how difficult are these call handling tasks?

The lady at the depot was as helpful as she could be, and I appreciate its Corporate that let the side down here, not the local hub.

But the same poor quality rears its head for this 'returning customer'.

RETAILERS TAKE NOTE : Like others in this thread I will NEVER buy from you if you use Yodel.

And after seeing the same tired old response on here from Yodel staff offering to 'look into' these problems - honestly don't bother me, you are wasting both our time. UNLESS YOU ARE REFUNDING THE COST OF THE FUEL I JUST WASTED.

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27 February 2014

Reply from Yodel

Hi Steve.

I would really like to look into this for you.

Please email your full address, and a contact number to


How to get good service....

1. Black Circles are a tyre supplier - they don't own the fitting shops, those are individual limited companies (partner companies or agents, if you like)
2. Your order process may be conveniently 'human free' - but the people in the tyre shops are regular hard working guys and girls like you.
3. With regard to the above, a little patience, understanding and common good manners will help you get satisfactory service at the tyre shops.
4. When you get a confirmation of order, give the tyre shop a phone call and firm up your visit. These guys are all really busy making a living too. You may well get a more convenient time and a shorter wait this way.
5. Don't expect to rock up an expect to be seen instantly. With the best will in the world, its often just not possible. We live in a 'want it now' society, but the reality is often a surprise to many - it shouldn't be.
6. The better recommended tyre shops have been doing this for years. They probably do indeed know better than 'your mate on the internet forum', so pay attention to sound advice. They want you happy, and safe.
7. That all said, the bulk buying power of the Black Circles network guarantees a great price which is rarely bettered at National or local level.
8. The margin of profit for a tyre shop is not huge, and they work hard for what they achieve. If you like them, remember to support them with other business, especially if its a local shop.
I have an aversion to national chains like KwikFit for many reasons. The choice you have with the BC network is refreshing.

I'm lucky - my local shop is pretty good.
I don't care if the floor is polished, or they have china cups for the latte.
What matters to me is honesty, sound advice, and technical ability - above all else.
And Bridgwater Tyre and Exhaust, who are my local Black Circles Partner, manage these consistently.

Good job again gents, and my thanks to supplier and fitting partners.


First & Last time for these clowns

Delivery slot arranged 14:15 to 18:15
Driver called at 18:24 to say they were running late.
Finally arrived at 20:30, over 2hrs late.
Bunch of jokers.

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