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Guitarguitar has got the stock and the staff with the right attitude.

The Bogner Ecstasy Pedal is a revelation all together and shouldn't be classified as just another stomp box. This lovely and very versatile device is in fact another channel for your amp. No wonder that Reinhold has spent 18 months tweaking on this before unleashing it to the market. I am fortunate enough to have different amps at home and believe me, when I tell you that this device will sound awesome with any type of amp you can think of. Both with a transistor or with a tube amp, it sounds amazing. The EQ knobs actually do something, which allowed me to find the sweet spot very quickly. The pedal is very responsive to your playing. Meaning: the harder you hit the strings, the fuller it sounds and the lighter you pick, the cleaner it sounds. It also cleans up very nicely, when you roll back the volume on your guitar, just like a real amp!!! What struck me the most is that this pedal is very quiet compared to other overdrives/distortion boxes. The price might be off putting at first, but if you try the pedal, you'll quickly realize, that it's worth every penny. From now on, I'll always have this with me wherever I go along with my trusty Maxon OD808, an ISP G-string, a Boss DD3 and an AMT Japanese Girl(Wah).

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