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Freestart plc

Not a Bad enough word in the English language for this company

We were contacted about 2 years ago by this company, The lady rung us telling us how fantastic the company was. We went with this company as we were a new business and wanted to get ourselves on the web. We payed the fee, that was my first big mistake. I constantly rang Free start concerned that people were not buying from our site I was advised to up date the sight with new banners but it would cost £90+VAT I did this, 2nd big mistake. I found that this also made no difference I was advised to add a bugle store I did this at £99+vat, 3rd Big mistake. Again I contacted Freestart With the problem of nobody buying from our site The only suggestion was for me to update the site at a cost of £199+vat I did this, 4th Big mistake. I was so disgusted with it I cancelled the site When my renewal was due. I found the staff Rude, Agressive, And very unhelpfull. Even the manager was an utter disgrace I have been taking legal advice against this company. I would strongly recomend that anyone thinking on setting up a website would steer well clear of this company. I have spoken to a manager today to ask who their regulator is I was told "We dont have one and it wont do you any good to take legal advice" The general attitude with the staff at this company is that of Vicky Pollard Am I Boverd.

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