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Read the Terms and Conditions....

Sent a perfect condition iPhone 4s to them as i was offered £247, received an email two days later stating

Thank you for placing your order with Bozowi, unfortunately the handset specified below did not pass our testing criteria, as such your handset has been automatically downgraded. Please see below for more information.
Apple IPhone 4s 16GB

Reason/s for Testing Criteria Failure:
Your phone has now been tested and your phone is network locked to 3. Due to it being network locked the phone will have to be downgraded slightly as per our terms http://www.bozowi.co.uk/terms.html. If however you are able to provide the unlocking code then we will pay you the full price as initially offered please speak to your network regarding this. We prefer handsets to be unlocked and there hope you can get the code, after all this is beneficial for us both you get the unlocked price and we get an unlocked handset. Please speak to your network before rejecting or accepting our revised offer, please note you have 7 days to respond or your handset will be processed at the revised price.
New Price Offered:

I refused but the website states
Powers on and off (Must meet our full testing criteria)
Fully operational
Have a working LCD/touch screen
Include the battery
No liquid or physical damage
No significant damage
Not be reported as lost or stolen
It does state in the terms and conditions about the phone being worth less if its locked, in my case to 3, but not in the main list.

Since i have been contacted by Bozowi and their customer service is very good and has been very helpful in resolving my problems so i have amended the initial review as i believe good customer service is essential.

09 February 2013

Reply from Bozowi

It is imperative that customers read and fully understand the terms and conditions; by placing an order these are the terms being agreed to. Customers check a box to confirm they have done this when processing an order.
Stated clearly in our terms and conditions is that we may downgrade your handset for being locked to network. We cannot be held liable or slandered for a customer not having read or understood the terms and conditions.

You have been downgraded by £72 as it currently costs us that amount to get an iPhone 4S locked to 3 unlocked. If you are able to find someone that can unlock this device for any less, we will be happy to downgrade your handset for that amount instead, please forward details for anyone who can unlock your unit for a cheaper amount within the 14 day price period.

Our preferred outcome in this is that you get the handset unlocked from your operator and we pay you the FULL AMOUNT, we regularly deviate from our terms only in the favour of the customer as we appreciate that it may take considerable time to get your handset unlocked from your operator, we frequently extend the 14 day period and we are willing to this for you.

We take into consideration our customers’ comments and suggestions, and are currently working on a total re-vamp for our website, which will be up and running in the next 2-3 months, so that it is made clearer for customers with regards to unlocking. Please also note we do not downgrade all unlocked phones this depends purely on the make and model, unfortunately Apple phones are the most costly and difficult to unlock.

Other customers have suggested that we simply offer a fixed lower price initially for handsets locked to specific networks, this is not feasible as our unlocking costs and turnaround times change on a daily basis. This is the reason we are sometimes; but not always able to negotiate a better price, as it is dependent on the unlocking costs at the time.

Our telephone number is 08456 890815 and not a 0871 number as you have stated.

Please follow this link for calling charges: http://www.08numbers.net/08_call_costs.html

Calls to our number are charged at a “national rate” of 2p per min at peak times. We have this number so that everyone gets charged the same nominal amount regardless of where they are located in the U.K.

Your handset has now been placed into quarantine because there are issues within your review which are not factual.

We would like to resolve this matter as swiftly as possible.
In order for this to happen, our favoured outcome is that you get your phone unlocked from your network provider, we extend the time allowed to do this, we then pay you the full initially quoted value and you amend your review so that it is factual.
You may want find someone that is able to unlock the handset cheaper than £72 and we would then get the handset unlocked for that amount and downgrade your handset accordingly and you amend your review so that it is factual.
Or you may wish to amend your review so that it contains only facts and we return the handset to you free of charge, via next day insured special delivery.

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