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British Corner Shop

Great value shopping at your fingertips

Here in Sweden today it is quite warm at -10...Lars parks his reindeer and comes into the log cabin

Lars: Hej
Me: Hej (that's my knowledge of Swedish out of the way)
Lars: What's that ?
Me:A box
Lars: I know it's a box but what's in it ?
Me: It's my latest delivery from the British Corner Shop
Lars: British Corner Shop ...what's that ?
Me: It's a company in England that supplies all the food and stuff it is not possible to get here locally
Lars: Such as
Me: Marmite..chocolate...processed peas and so on
Lars: What's processed peas ?..and we have chocolate
Me: You don't want to know...and the chocolate is things like crunchie bars and frys chocolate know sweets they don't stock at the local ICA store
Lars: Is it expensive to ship over here ?
Me: No....It's very reasonable in fact it costs almost the same as when I drive down to he local for my weekly shop
Lars: Don't you have problems with expiry dates and packing ?
Me: No not at is very well packed and always plenty of time before's the perfect way to shop for hose hard to obtain items
Lars: Do you know I think I might start shopping there...I need a change from meat balls and pickled tell me about processed peas.

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