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Once the best game buying website full stop. But Now average to OK

Let me say before starting this review. Shop-to.net are still one of the best websites for buying your video games from. They are very hard to beat but.....
I have been using shop-to.net for over 4-5 years now and have a great knowledge understanding on how they work. Over the years with the growing population the service has suffered in my option.
For example.
I used to pre-order games a lot from the site. Never would a game be processing over night. it would always be dispatched the same day as processing. To this day I don't understand why games are being process overnight as no one is in the offices or warehouse!
Since the website was updated (Sorry i cant remember when the update happen). It is really difficult to use and i find really confusing. It never seems to load very well, even waiting over a minute sometimes for it to load a page of 20 games.
The forums were taking away and have never been replaced. I used found them extremely helpful. Even little matters I had, I could always ask the forum for help. The forum moderators were fantastic. But now Gone.
I could go on but will stop here.

If you are new to shop-to.net it is one of the best game buying websites around and are hard to beat. For me as a long time user I feel the standers have slipped.

16 May 2013

Reply from www.shopto.net

Hi Lee,

Thank you for your feedback concerning our website and service over the number of years you have been using us. All feedback is appreciated as we are always looking to see how the customer thinks we can improve.

We generally dispatch new releases (pre ordered items) 2-3 working days before release to allow enough time for the order to be delivered by the postal service. Our packing machine is fully automated and runs 24 hours a day, allowing us to process orders throughout the night, ready for dispatch first thing in the morning. If your order is an in stock item though this will be dispatched the same day if ordered before our cut of times stated on the website.

On our site being re-designed last year we added many new features for the benefit of the customer but some features such as the forum did not make the cut at the time. If you're ever having any trouble on the site or just have query we have many ways to contact us such as - Phone, Live chat, Contact centre, Twitter and Facebook. We understand the importance of customers being able to contact us and possibly the forum may come back at some point in the future :)

We thank you once again for your feedback and we look forward to you shopping with us for many years to come.

Kind Regards,


Never had a problem 5* service

I have used GAME.co.uk for a long time now and never had a problem. Recently I had used them more often as they have some great Pre-order bonuses with games. The 2 games I pre-ordered were Fire Emblem and Pokemon mystery dungeon. Both arrived 1 day early with the pre-order bonuses.
I have since Pre-ordered 3 more games.
If anything I believe the company has improved greatly since the take over in early 2012.
My one negative point is no customer service via telephone. I have not had a problem but if a problem were to occur I would like to speak to someone rather then E-mail.


5* Service. I will be back for more :)

Couldn't believe I found the new Aliens colonial marines game for the PS3 for only £29.99.
This was the first time ordering for 2game.com.
A++ service all the way and this order will no way be my last.
2game.com reminds me of a young shopto.net 3-4 years ago before they got greedy.
I recommend this site to all looking for A+ service and bargains.

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