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Mechanic didn't know how to bleed brakes!

Took my car to Halfords in Watlington Road, Oxford, the brakes were making a slight scraping sound and I wanted it checked out.
The mechaninc said they were fine but my brake fluid was too old and needed replacing.
This would cost £30 and take 30 minutes. I said ok, do it.
2 hours later the mechanic says the car is ready but, when I try it I have NO brakes.
I point this out to him and he says they are good enough.
When I went to Halfords my brakes "bit" about an inch from the top of the pedal (perfectly normal) after they'd finished they "bit" about an inch from the floor!
anyway, the manager was very unhelpful, he said if his mechanic said they were ok then they were ok.
I had to drive accross Oxford at rush hour to another garage that fixed them in 20 minutes.
The halfords joker didn't know that you have the bleed the master cylinder BEFORE the wheel cylinders, and this was causing all the trouble.
Halfords = total joke company - AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE

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