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Good pair of swim shoes

The first swim shoes were rather small for the size they were meant to be, however the return went perfectly and I received an email to confirm they'd had the parcel back, then they sent the next size up out and I had it with a couple of days - very speedy delivery. The new ones fit well and are good quality

Feedem Ltd

Quick delivery and reasonable price and p&p on a pet carrier

The company Feedem were excellent and the 5 stars reflect this for this transaction. They did a quick delivery and had a very reasonable price and p&p in comparison with other sellers selling the same pet carrier elsewhere (the cheapest actually). so the score is reflecting all of these things.

This is a pet carrier we have bought for our cat, and it looks quite good in general. It's sturdy and roomy but still very light to pick up and carry. The only thing I noticed (which is a bit of a design fault by the manufacturer and nothing to do with the seller) is that the two sliding catches that keep the lid attached to the carrier at the top don't look quite as substantial as I'd like. The lid is the bit that opens to let you put your pet inside and is also where the handle is attached for carrying. I'm going to slip an extra piece of wire on each time it's used to make it safer. The problem is if the catches were accidentally flicked off (or broke) while carrying the cat, the box part with the cat in would swing down on the other hinge towards the ground pretty quickly. This however as mentioned above, is a design fault by the manufacturer rather than the seller, as this carrier is being sold in lots of places at the moment.

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