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We recently purchased a bathroom on line, we were very happy with the speed of the order and how accomadating they were. However when the delivery came the chap said he wasnt allowed to bring the bathroom into the house for insurance purpose, I had not been told this before hand, when i rang bathshop321 to tell them we should of had warning, i wasnt very happy with the reponse. 1st the man over the phone told me the delivery man should of told me when he rang 1hr prior to delviery drop off, my thought at this point was what difference would an hr of made 2nd it wasn't their job to tell us this, their just delivering the bathroom, it should be bathshop321 job to tell us all the information, if we did know this in advance i would have arranged my husband to have the day off. It was disappointing as up till then our experience with bathshop321 had been great. My last concern is that i had been informed that they have this problem with deliery all over the place that people are not warned that the delivery men cannot bring the delivery into the house, if this is happening so often, then they need to do something about it and warn peole.

10 February 2013

Reply from Bathshop321

Hi Philip and Hannah

Brilliant review of Bathshop321 and we are so glad you are happy with the speed of the order and we do hope you enjoy your suite.

Thank you for your feedback about delivery. We constantly review all aspects of what we do, however as with all on-line retailers we have clearly set out terms and conditions ( that outline the nature of the contract of sale. All of our website customers are requested to "Please make sure you have read and understood our terms and conditions of sale" at the point of payment.

Where possible we constantly review policy to ensure that we protect our customers and adhere to relevant legal boundaries in terms of sale. In November 2012 we recently rewrote our terms and conditions to ensure they are legal, compliant and more importantly easy to read for our customers.

I am sorry but to successfully checkout on our website you would have had to tick the box to indicate "I(you) agree to the terms and conditions."

Item 2.4 of terms and conditions clearly states:

2.4 Larger items are sometimes palletized for delivery; the pallet will be delivered as close as possible to your front door. If this location is unreachable for any reason, such as a narrow street, up a flight of stairs (such as flats) or any other obstruction, delivery will be made as near to your property as possible. The driver is not insured to take the goods inside your property. The pallet will be delivered to the location as stated above and it is strongly recommended that at least two able bodied persons are available to receive the delivery and carry the goods inside.

As with all feedback that we receive, we will be asking questions of ourselves, How can we make this better? and How can we help our customers more? and if this means we need to make communication clearer about the delivery aspect of larger items then this will happen.

Thank you for your custom and we hope you enjoy your new bathroom.

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