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Rude, incompetent, inefficient.

I purchased some office furniture and it was to be dispatched by NEXT DAY delivery via XDP. Sounded perfect, but that was just the start. My consignment was of 9 pieces, which is what XDP received and entered into their system.
Screenshot : (Note date - Feb 4th)
Feb 4th, all at collection depot (some duplicated for some reason)
Screenshot :
Feb 5th, all at delivery depot (No, wait! Parts 6 and 8 are missing now!)
Screenshot :
But these are shown as "Out for Delivery - PM slot"
Well looky looky, BACK AT the depot on 5th at 19:37
Feb 6th, out for delivery again - AM slot (part 3 now duplicated)
Screenshot :
That evening - ALL DELIVERED!
Screenshot :
Ummm no ... 7 parts delivered, where are parts 6 and 8??

At this point, on Feb 7th I called the depot and left a message which went unanswered.
On Feb 8th I called again and spoke to a "Lady" who did not give her name, but seemed to find the fact that I had missing pieces hugely funny. Basically she laughed at my complaint. She said they still had one piece but it would have to wait until monday. (more laughter). I asked her if they worked saturdays, she said they did (and laughed). I requested my TWO missing parts to be delivered saturday, and she said they would be with me on saturday morning. (more laughter) Not trusting her too much by this stage. I waited in all saturday morning. Nothing, and nothing on the tracking site as you will see in a moment. I went out for the weekend shop, getting home at about 5pm. Five minutes later, there is a knock on the door from a young lad of no more than 10 or eleven saying his dad's got my delivery in the van. Dad then appears with part 8 of my consignment. I complain about the woman at the depot. All he can say is, "She's always like that". Amazing!
Screenshot of main consignment : showing no delivery details for part 8 - only "Delivered" -
Screenshot of the "split consignment" -
WHY part 8 was split is anybody's guess, and the fact that it sat around the depot all that time is unbelievable. But the mystery... WHERE IS PART 6???
I have not received it, and I am unable to build my furniture without it! Their own system shows they got it, but then it vanishes!

This is gross incompetence. I have emailed the furniture vendor and advised them of this episode, and I will copy them this report as well.

Thanks for your time.
If anyone from XDP management reads this, the c/n is ZWA769700693
Thanks. Bye.

10 February 2013

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Steve, I am really sorry about the whole mix up with your delivery thankyou for the consignment number I will look into this first thing monday morning, I would also like to apologize for the reaction you got from your delivery depot, its not what XDP would expect from there staff and will be taken up with the regional manager. I will call you personally and hopefully get this sorted asap. Regards Jennifer

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