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Cash My Fone


Already mentioned by other reviewers, do not expect to receive the original offered price. I was offered £207 for my iPad. It was in pristine condition and hardly used, always kept in a leather cover and never left the house. The reason for selling was because I didn't use it enough.

I noticed that there was a price drop to £180 on their website on the day I posted it but thought I got lucky and expected the company to honour their offer. Two days later, I received an email from to say that there were 3 scratches on my iPad which was absolute rubbish, and they offered £175.95. There were absolutely no scratches on the iPad when it left my possession. I wrapped it in 4 layers of bubble wrap, two heavy duty plastic sealed bags, air bags sellotaped around the iPad and posted in a heavy duty box so no way could it have been damaged.

I eventually had to accept their offer because they would charge me return postage which would lower the price further and I was concerned that scratches would appear on my iPad if it was returned to me.

Do yourself a favour and save yourself the stress, this company will NOT give the advertised price, they lie about the condition of the item in order to give you a much lower price.

Personally I would never use this company again.

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