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yet another website that discriminates against women with larger feet sick and tired of it


Am amazed that BT are allowed to trade like this

I switched to BT from virgin after I was left without service thoughout the easter weekend in 2012. Cancelled Virgin and got the basic broadband and phone package adding on btvision with the first 6 months being free(failing to mention that I would still have to pay line rental despite advert saying completely free), I let that one slide, installed it all myself and no problems-until the first week of december 2012.

Bt vision box tried to do an update and got stuck in a loop, so turning on and off at wall to try and "jump start it" which did not work, phoned "customer care" and I use that term very loosely who said it was a problem with the junction box and they were fixing it-needless to say it wasn't that. so i phoned back and requested a new box-BT refused to send one and insisted on an engineer being sent to have a look. This appointment was made on Christmas eve still another 2 weeks away to which I grudgingly agreed.

Christmas eve comes and no show by the engineer and I phone BT again to find out why, was told by someone who could barely speak english tell me that because it was xmas eve then engineer was not working. I was extremely angry that i had been lied to and would be without service throughout xmas and new year because next appointment was 3RD OF JANUARY. they then proceeded to tell me that it was obviously my fault and therefore would be retro charged the £99 to fix it-no one had shown up to see what the problem was. I cancelled my DD and informed them that I was now withholding payment and for every day they failed to come and fix it- 17 days so far plus anything coming I would fail to pay, which is legally binding.

they told me to ring back on 28th december to arrange appointment because "i can't be bothered to see if there are any appointments, i go home in an hour" so naturally i was outraged that this could go on.

an engineer eventually turned up on 3rd jan spent 5 minutes looking at the box to which " you're right love it was the box-totally dead" which is what i had told bt initally 30 days previous. BT have sent me various bills with retro charges and made up charges to which I have complained 4 times to Bt and am now in the process of reporting to ofcom.

I was passed from pillar to post and must have spoken to at least 17 different people tryin to get this sorted( majority of whom spoke little or no english) and Bt are still trying to con me. The second my contracts are up I am gone. have never had service so poor

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