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Day 3 and going great so far.

I ordered the hamper with an extra snack as I have a lot of weight to lose. It was delivered on time and the order was correct, very highly packaged though. I am on day three and everything I have eaten has been tasty and filling, there are plenty of vegetarian options available. Normally when I start a diet I feel light headed and starving hungry for a few days until my blood sugar level adjusts but on this diet I have not had this, the portions seem small but they have been enough to satisfy my hunger and it actually feels like I am eating too much to lose weight, especially when I add my milk, yoghurt and rice. As I am only on day 3 I cannot tell yet how much weight I will lose.
My only criticism is that I was very confused about how many calories the standard and extra snack hamper contain so I was unsure how many more calories I should add to make it up to my recommended allowance, it does not tell you this anywhere I can see. Even when I went on the live chat service I was initially given the wrong information and it was only when I questionned the chat man that I got the correct information and I could work it all out.
It seems that standard pack has 800 to 1000 calories and you add the extras depending on your BMI, the extra snack pack has 1200 calories I believe, but I am still not 100 percent sure of this. The packs are advertised as 1200 calories and 1500 calories but that is not what they contain. The chat man initially said if I added 200 calories to my meals it would take it to 1700 which is obviously too much to lose any weight and also I believe this is the wrong information. When I said I thought it was 200 calories to take it up to 1500 calories his answer was yeah if you like, which was not very helpful. Hopefully I have sorted out my confusion and have it right but it would be helpful if this information was clearer in the instructions.
UPDATE - thank you so much to the person who just put their review on here saying they had been mislead over the price of the hampers on monthly payments, so had I, I thought the £119 I paid was for each of the 4 hampers, after chatting with Dietchef chat I was told it was just for the first hamper and the rest would be £229 each! Cant see that in my contract or deliver emails, thanks to the other review I have been able to cancel my contract within 21 days cool off period,

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