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Quick and simple

This is so quick and easy and I am so relieved.


Worst customer service I have ever received.

After experiencing a fault on my new phone where the metal piece securing the memory card broke I went into the store to ask for a refund. At first I was told that it wasn't a fault and that it could be fixed so the assistant manager fixed it back on. However if I was to take the memory card out the metal piece would fall off again. She told me that if I still wasn't happy I could get an exchange. I decided not to and that I'd go to a different store the day after as I wasn't happy with the customer service I had received.
Later on I decided to go back and exchange the phone for a better one as although a refund was what I was after and deserved, an exchange would be helpful and I could use it as a back up phone. However this time I was told (by the same assistant manager) that it was customer damage and that I wouldn't be able to exchange it at all.
I'm not slating all 3 stores as I've had some okay experiences with them before. However 'putting the customer first' very much wasn't apparent and I have decided never to shop in 3 again. So something that could have been very easily handled turned out to have ruined my day. But worse for 3 as they've now lost me as a customer and instead of refunding me for a cheap temporary £50 phone they've now lost £100s of pounds I would have spent in the future otherwise.
It points out how customer service is of utter importance especially for a phone store which deals with customers first hand on a frequent daily basis.

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