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Quality product poorly delivered with terrible customer service

I ordered a Quinn roll top panel plus radiator which was delivered damaged after a week’s wait. When I contacted PlumbNation to organise a replacement they passed me onto their supplier to sort it out myself.
The supplier to Plumbnation is a firm called Merinol who promised to collect the damaged one and supply a replacement the following Thursday. It was stressed to the representative at the time of making this arrangement that the radiator was required no later than the following weekend as the fitter was booked in to do the work on Saturday morning and other jobs and trades were dependent upon this being done in time, I was assured that the delivery would be on Thursday well in time for the weekend. On the following Thursday the day when the replacement was supposed to be delivered I received a call from Merinol to arrange a suitable delivery date, when I told them I was expecting the delivery that day they seemed completely oblivious to their earlier promise and didn’t seem to have any idea what was going on.
The radiator was obviously not delivered in time and it created havoc on our build schedule as the knock on effect to other trades was considerable. Not only do I feel let down by PlumbNation for being placed in a situation where I had to liaise with their supplier directly to resolve the issue I feel let down by the broken promises of PlumbNations supplier.
As a customer of PlumNation I should not have been expected to sort this out myself, the matter should have been dealt with on my behalf as the contract I entered into was with PlumbNation not their supplier Merinol.
The whole situation turned into a perfect example of poor customer service and a series of failures on many levels from start to finish, a total disappointment which cost me a considerable sum of money due to the knock on effect, took up my time and caused a lot of hassle and stress. I am hugely disappointed in the service I received, a real shame indeed!

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