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XDP, Amazing spillage of pure vitriol

Having a look at the web this weekend came across this site Trusted Pilot so had a read of what they had to offer and the first one i came to was from a man in Saltash/GR with a picture that must be a true likeness. Consider this, from your own report. Most delivery companies are not permitted by the suppliers to deliver part-consignments, so your local depot probably had no choice other than to hold your goods until they received the missing parts. The reason for this rule is obvious, if the customer cannot complete his purchased item, he becomes very angry - didn't you. When the local depot obtained permission from the sender, probably, they sent the goods out. You were out. Notice the "signature required" instruction? He is forbidden to leave safe.

The driver must have attempted to deliver to you at least twice, maybe more, to be able to complete the delivery when you eventually returned home. I call that very good service.

Your reaction is to report the driver for carrying a child - he will probably lose his job now; report the lady, oh! sorry, "lady", [nice use of quotation marks to make her seem to be a slut], for trying to be cheerful and fend off foul language which is the norm on telephone complaints.

You have ordered 9 pieces and received 8. Tell the supplier and they will probably re-send the missing bit.

Then work out why you opted for the cheapest bargain and still didn't realise that every supplier reduces costs by searching out the lowest cost delivery option.
Think yourself lucky the supplier didn't choose Yodel, or HDNL.

Tom. Tavistock
40 years in transport, and it's never been any different mate.

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