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Avoid at all costs

I purchased the components for a gaming PC and was going to build the computer myself. However found out that actually they do a system where they will build the machine for you, for no extra cost.

So let me explain my experience for you. Firstly, I spent approximately £1000 on this computer, a number of the components that I ordered were actually out of stock (not listed on the website) and they were unable to obtain the parts for over a month (WHAT?) and there was no guarantee they would even have the parts then. All of the alternatives were cheaper as I could not afford more in my budget.

Secondly, even the alternative parts were often out of stock and I had to wait for them to be delivered to the store as well. My computer was sent out weeks after I was initially meant to receive it. The only thing that stopped me complaining about this organisation sooner was they actually had ONE outstanding member of staff who did end up giving me a better PSU than the original one I asked for, for the same price as the original one due to it being out of stock (shocker that).

Finally, I opened my computer up today due to my PSU fan running on idol at 5500 rpm. The noise of this is ridiculous and it does indeed shorten the life of the fan. Opening the pc was not a problem, however I soon realised the problem was with the sensor on the PSU fan. The easiest way to resolve this would be to buy a new heat sink and fan. Only to find out that actually the muppets at Eclipse Computers have GLUED every single component into my motherboard. If I now want to replace anything in my pc, including the CD drive, fans, graphics cards etc I have to apply heat to my computer to try and melt the glue.

What would normally be a £40 quick replacement job has turned into a whole lot of hassle. Would definitely not recommend using this company at all. Shoddy business model with no interest in their customers at all.

Avoid like the plague.


Fast, efficient and reliable.

Ordered from CDKeyHouse on a number of different occasions now and have never been disappointed. I have always received my keys within minutes of payment and all keys have been easy to read and have worked without any problems. Prices are usually the cheapest I can find as well.

Would definitely recommend them to other people.

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