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Origin's Company Policies are Ridiculous

My experience with Origin was not a particularly pleasant one. I had returned to one of their games, the Sims 3, after a rather long hiatus at the behest of a close friend. She recommended that I try two of the new Expansion Packs, Supernatural and Generations. After weeks of badgering, I caved and purchased these expansions on February 7th; a Thursday. I played the games for a day and thoroughly enjoyed them.

My problem was not with the product; it was with the customer service I received. The very next day, Origin decided to have a massive sale on Sims 3 products in honor of the anniversary. I was disappointed, but at the time I was convinced that I could contact Origin after work and get the sale honored; maybe even use the money to purchase a few more expansion packs; I don't mind putting money into companies who give me outstanding service. I spoke with one of their Advisors via their Live Chat; he basically told me that it was not possible for Origin to honor me with the sale even though I purchased my goods less than 24 hours prior to our conversation. He offered me a flimsy 15% discount on Origin products, but mentioned that the code was not good on expansion packs; the #1 thing I was likely to purchase in the first place! On top of that, he told me that company policy was that store credit couldn't be spent on sale items anyway, which is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

If I had purchased this product at a retail store and this product arose, I can guarantee that any one of them would have honored their sale. My sale was digital; it was on-file with Origin. Any CSR could have seen that my story was sound. This interaction left a sour taste in my mouth, which is unfortunate because I know that EA makes more of a profit selling their goods digitally then they do when someone purchases them in a store. I mentioned earlier that I am more than willing to put money into a company who services me with outstanding customer service. I did not receive this experience from Origin, and I will not be putting any more money into their coffers after this experience.

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