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They came good in the end

Customer Service is pretty good, and the staff do know what they’re talking about. Bit of a delay getting through to customer support, but they were apologetic about it, and explained that they were short staffed that week.

Things that I’d have liked to have known before I ordered (bearing in mind I’m based in the UK):
They’re based in the US, and the items are sent from the US. They’re not based in the UK, despite the website and phone no being based here.
I bought a camera body, and a separate lens, and they didn’t come in factory-sealed boxes. The body came in an opened canon box which had originally had a body and lens kit in it, and my lens came in a plain white box. The items appear brand new, but I wasn’t certain when they arrived. They have since explained that they buy the items in bulk, and repackage them, and they have put it in writing that the items are brand new, and they come with factory warrantee.

If I’d known all this from the start, I’d have given them 5 stars. They do care about customer service, and I’ve given them my feedback, so am sure there won’t be any issues for customers in the future!

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