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JUSTPOLES- Curtain poles and Curtain Tracks

The service was good but I the metropole gliss rail I bought was very expensive for what it is!

I ordered some finials, again which were expensive I thought, but you know I wanted my bedroom to look nice etc. when they arrived I realised I only had 2 finials not 2 pairs of finials! I hadn't realised that they were sold singuar, making them even more expensive. The rails never come with enough eyelets/rings on which to hang the curtains properly and at the price they were I think they should have else the curtains don't hang properly. Also the whole kit came without instructions on how to assemble it so we had to figure out which bracket went where etc. the items arrived ok, although had taken over a week, were packaged well, but I think I could have got something similar for a quarter of the price!

11 February 2013

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Hello Corrine
Thank you for the review and sorry to hear that you are unhappy, we will try to answer the points you have raised.

The Midials you order are sold in singles and are classed as handmade/ made to order, unfortunately they may seem expensive but they are quite special in their appearance and also the method of how they are hung.

The amount of eyelets needed to hang your curtains would be altered by the heading used, typically 10 per meter is sufficient but Pencil pleat can take more, but on the other hand Triple Pleat can take considerably less, this should possibly been advised by the curtain maker or the curtains checked prior to ordering the rail.

The instructions should have been included with the brackets, unfortunately it looks as if they have been missed, if you had called us we could have advised, and actually emailed some instructions to you, this is part of the service we offer.

The delivery time for Silent Gliss is 7-10 working days, so the wait can seem long but the products are all made to order and not just off the shelf, and are unique in their ability to cover large spans and bend to customer’s specification. We constantly look for new and innovative products, but the Silent Gliss ranges are extremely good quality and will last for years, and other manufacturers who try to emulate them also seem to fall short.

Justpoles Sales Dept

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