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The Importance of Appropriate Packing

Standard Service £8.49 + vat, collected by UPS on 5/2/13, 48 hour delivery.Tracking Number 937545311707
Given the superb tracking, the prompt collection, the on-time delivery and the fantastic manners of the delivery man you would expect me to give you a glowing five-star appraisal. All things being equal, that is what I would have done had the parcel not been hammered to a pulp. I must have been really unlucky on two counts. The first was the stupidity of the guy who packed it up into such an awkward shape and secondly the handlers who should have realised that there was a weak point and that it needed careful handling. The article was a rare Royal Geographical Society Globe on a three-legged stand, in pristine condition. It should have been completely taken apart, bubble wrapped and boxed up. Unfortunately just two of the three legs were detatched, inverted and attached to the main stem which was left attached to the 13" diameter globe and its' housing. So, the parcel was a huge globe plus mahogany housing, and a long thin stem with two legs sttached to it. Needless to say, the point at which the thin bit was attached to the bulbous bit was snapped clean off. A half inch thick steel bar was sheared. That must have taken some doing. The rough end of the sheared-off bar then penetrated the extensive wrapping and one of the fancy brass feet poked through and got broken off and lost. The two inch thick mahogany housing was also snapped in half and, in summary, the whole thing was only good for dumping. I am a retired carpenter and can repair most things but I gave up trying. Incredibly the delicate globe itself was unmarked. The guy who wrapped it, bubble wrapped it and then wrapped miles and miles of parcel tabe round it. The delivery man apologised for the state of the damaged parcel and came in to help me unwrap it. It took an eternity but the damage was obvious so we marked the parcel damaged alongside my signature. I am now torn between the devil and the deep blue sea as I do hate all the fuss and hassel of insurance claims especially for something that was only insured for the standard £50. Probably best to write it off as a bad experience. I would use the service again but I would make sure that I wrapped it myself.
Best regards, Barry Jones

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