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Good value provided nothing goes wrong

I have been a Scan customer since they were in Radcliffe decades ago and have had very few problems. However, recently I purchased a 3XS value business system from them and (without my instruction) they installed (and registered!) the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office Pro, which apparently has many compatibility issues with other software and was therefore unusable. Also an internal SATA cable and DVD drive were missing (I'm still waiting for the cable).
Meanwhile I was under pressure to get the system up and running for a new employee. Scan failed to express any regret, refused to admit any responsibility for causing the PC to be unusable by installing the wrong version of Office, refused to go out of their way to do anything to cooperate which would help me speedily get the PC into productive use, also insisting that anything they did to put the situation right would have to be paid for, including buying a new product key for 32-bit MS Office Pro. (This was bad advice as the product key was good for both which I discovered after contacting Microsoft and downloading the correct software myself.)
What dismayed me most of all, though, was the complete lack of empathy and the ignorance, arrogance and stubborn self-righteous unhelpfulness of the customer support guy allegedly responsible for the 3XS systems output. In future I will think very seriously before buying anything other than accessories and cables from Scan, even though they are very convenient to where I live. When you read the other reviews, note the negative ones for a common theme. Scan do a lot of bragging about how good they are, but on the occasions when things go wrong there's a very different picture emerging. Scan need to root out staff with a bad attitude if they don't want to see customer loyalty evaporating.

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