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Never use this company......shocked

I'm now editing my original review to let you guys know how shambolic WAE+ are. I had to give it one star, if there was an option for zero I would have selected it.
Firstly before I ordered this particular product I emailed the company to ask if they had uk stock< the answer was yes, " we have 20 units" !! basically they lied they did not have any in the uk.
Secondly I paid for the 3-5 day express delivery which was a complete waste of money due to the fact that 11 days later I'm still waiting for its delivery, at no point could the staff at WAE provide me with a tracking number or advise the whereabouts of my order. After emailing several times they assure me I would receive within next 3 days! this was also a lie as I have recently found out that my order is in fact still somewhere in Europe and has not yet been shipped!!!!
As I'm typing this review they have literally just called to say it will be shipped today and they refuse to put it on an express delivery so it will take a further 5 days to arrive...After refusing to accept this I insist on cancelling my order and ask for a full refund, however I'm told I have to reject the shipment then wait 3 weeks for my money!!! they literally have you over a barrel!
All I can say is do not swayed by the low prices this site has to offer, trust me Shop around> I have since found several more reputable retailers selling the item I want for the same price. It would have actually been cheaper and faster to buy from an international Ebay seller.

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