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Fleecing a naive female

My girlfriend went to have a headlight lamp replaced at Halfords in Gloucester. I would normally have done it (H7 lamps are a couple of quid each from most places), but it's cold,dark wet, snowing etc so we figured paying a little extra was worth it at this time of year.
The "expert" told her that as both lamps are on the same circuit, the other one would almost certainly fail within the next 2 or 3 days!!!
(All pairs of lamps operated by the same switch are on the same circuit ffs - and one failing has no bearing on how long the other one will last. - I know, I've replaced loads of lamps in my 35 plus years of motoring)
Charged £17 for two lamps and £14 for fitting.
Absolute robbery - avoid and do it yourself

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