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Appalling service all round wont be using ever again

I was given the delivery window of 12:51 to 13:51 13:58 i get an email saying they had a attempted to deliver, i have been looking out the front window waiting all day next to the front door. no slip through the front door so i phone up, They asked if i had a green door i tell them none of this street has a green door its all blue and red, they try to contact driver no use so contact depo who contact driver and i am told they will be coming back today still no sign of them. wasted day of work and will have to explain why presents not arrived now.

phoned up asking for an update and now i'm being told it could be any time today... at the drivers convenience. thanks for a wasted day guys much appreciated.

after all this i phone up at 7pm to ask whats going on and get told they told the driver not to bother redelivering the package... seriously? then they said i lived at wrong address and that my house was in fact a flat, with a green door, i put them straight ad said no its defiantly a house with a red door the driver went to the Hexagon which is just up the road from where i lived so i got told i got my address wrong again so had to explain it again, with any luck after taking a second day off work (unpaid) i will be able to get the package HOWEVER i'm not sure they have worked the address out still they still seem to think i live in a flat with a green door some how. I am FUMING about this now.

So after all this i now have to wait till some time tomorrow they promised before 10am but not holding my breath after today's waste of time.

12 February 2013

Reply from DPD UK

Hi Joffre,

Please accept my apologies for the initial issues that you had, and for any inconvenience that was caused. I have checked up on your parcel this morning, and see that it was delivered and signed for at 9:24 this morning. Was everything okay with the delivery this morning?

Let us know if you need any further assistance -

Kind regards,


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