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Dreadful ,disgusting and outragious

I build childrens beds and shipped 12 through xdp before christmas. I appreciate christmas is a busy time of year but 3 of my items were delivered damaged one so badly it looked like it had been run over .They were all packaged suitably so it is purely a case of chuck it off and get on with the next delivery.Not only that it was left with a next door neighbour and was over a week before my customer found out it was left . As well as the 3 damaged items i also had the issue of parts going missing. The product came in 4 parts clearly marked 1 of 4, 2 of 4 ,3 of 4,4of 4, yet parts managed to get lost eventually they were located and rectified .xdp were thern instructed to collect the 3 damaged items and return them to myself nearly 2 months later 1 item has been returned 1 has been lost .apparently it was delivered and left by my garage while i was away. Who in there right mind would just leave a bed outside a garage door?The other item which was to be collected on 7/12013 is still in my customers front room
All goods sent withxdp are covered upto a £1000 per item and for an extra £5 you can get insurance cover for additional value . and appently there claim process takes upto 7 days!My items cost upto £500 each they are handmade themed beds Nearly 8 weeks later and i am still to hear anything i have rang them everyday speaking to nearly everyone in there offices and because i am not the account holder who sent the goods personally they are ignoring me .But they are palming off the accountholder who delivers goods to them on my behalf aswell .This company has no care for customer service whatsoever person in the office matt told me i cant help you im going now i have work to get on with. Do they think i want to be wasting my time and effort calling them i have a business to run and my reputation has been effected because they can not handle goods with care and resolve the issue. for xdp info the consignment nos are zdb417180042 zdb417180049 and zdb417180050 claims for 3 damaged items and 1 unreturned or lost or stolen item
by yourselves

11 February 2013

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Hello Steve, I agree not good reading,and not what XDP would expect. It is usually the account holder who should be sorting things out for you, I will forward this information and try to get some answers for you. Regards Jennifer

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