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I am furious that this company actually had the gall to send out a supposed new spin bike - IM Fitness X1 - in such a wrecked state. As soon as I opened the box I noticed the dreadful quality of the paintwork, with numerous poorly touched up chips (the forks have 4 inch gashes down the front which have been FILLED, splashed with paint, and left looking as if a kid has stuck a load of chewing gum on each fork and lobbed the paint on with a catapult! I found steel bristles from a wire brush STUCK IN THE PAINT around the welds, which themselves are punctuated with with small holes (corrosion or poor craftsmanship) that even the crude dollop of pain't chucked on it can't hide. This is so obviously a badly touched up second hand , or reject stock bike! Once assembled, the bike is unstable due to it's frame itself being noticeably twisted before it joins the supporting base 'feet' The bike is supposed to rest flat on the ground, and it rocks wildly due to a 1.5 inc height discrepancy between each side of its base (this being on flat, level flooring). Worse still, the plastic gear lever arrived snapped in two, and the seat post rattles from side to side even when fully tightened due to an extremely bad fit into the seat tube. Oh, and did I mention that the paintwork is rubbish? I'm not the type to complain ordinarily, but this is inexcusable quite frankly. Most disappointed.

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