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Excellent product and choice, shame about the service (at times)

I placed my order following a google search... the choice on offer is great and the prices were better than I'd found elsewhere.
However I realised a mistake with my order (I wanted to add to the order) and phoned immediately... this was a Saturday and I couldnt get a response. it tranpires customer services is closed at the weekends, but no messages state this! I called again on Monday morning and was met by a very stroppy woman who told me in a very curt fashion that my email was received and would be dealt with (apparently I should have known this!). Having not heard back, I called again and dealt with an incredibly helpful chap in the warehouse who resolved my issue, and so quickly it was done before I was even off the phone! His service was excellent and went way beyond what I was expecting... It's just a shame the 'customer service' staff don't have the same attitude or skills! If I wasn't so desperate for the items I'd ordered I would have told the original woman to stick her order and simply cancelled it.
I will however shop again, but not because of the service... Simply because the choice of product is amazing, the price is competitive and delivery happened very quickly.


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