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Validated page, A++ and quick

Bought expansion to Civ5 through page as price on steam was almost 100% higher. To my surprise key generated through the cdkeys.com is to be used on steam!!
May not all products are cheaper but it is a good alternative place to search for before committing to a shopping.


Few years together

Really no problems, webpage is not the greatest but beside that .. paid, and got service back. Although didn't run in any troubles so had no experience with customer support. As far i can see, you get what you paid for. They increased fees on my last insurance so moved to new insurer.


3 years on the mortgage and no problems what so ever!

Been with Nationwide for almost three years and I'm very happy customer. Transparent and easy going totally recommended!


4 years and got an arrow in the knee!

After years of flawless cooperation (got very good credit ratting) they decided to cut my overdraft short in Octover / November 2011 (mind xmass closing in) without sending me a letter. Did shopping as usual and was hit with fees for going beyond the overdraft limit (as it went down from £500 > £100). After few phone calls and visits to branch, they decided to refund me over £100 and reinstated my overdraft to previous limit. So, had a bad experience but did recover. However, next year they cut the overdraft short again leaving me with low cash supply just before xmass.. not happy with them, this is not what I'm expecting from a bank! Moved to FirstDirect - so far so good, can't tell bad word.


Service & support and deliver heading downwards...

Used MyProtein before and was happy with the choice of the quality of the supplier. Recently something went terribly wrong, order is late, webpage unresponsive when viewing order.. no-one answers phone calls. Still awaiting order / or a refund...

Guess it is time to move on to new supplier....

This wepage does not recognize myprotein order number (25325206)... so it had to be edited

Service & support and deliver heading downwards...

EDIT ( 13/02/13): support contacted me by email and also, received my order today. So, all ok - cheers. What ever problems MyProtein folks have, all the best in solving them!!

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