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Excellent service, good choice

I am a regular customer at Asos and have always had good experience with my orders.


Terrible feedback to my review that I am not satisfied with the product I received. Very disappointing customer care and reply. The person actually insulted me.

I ordered unrefined shea butter and wrote a review that I was satisfied with delivery time, but the product smelled stale and was too white for an unrefined product. Here is the reply I got from the trader:

Dear Majda

You haven't read one bit of my extensive description of shea butter and why it is sometimes white and sometimes more beige. Are you an expert of shea butter? I am. I have sold shea butter for more than 10 years and I support 2 co-operatives in Ghana.

Before you make accusations about me and what I sell you should check you facts. Ask an expert or bring the butter to a lab. A chemist can tell you straight away that the butter I supplied is unrefined.

Also I hold certificates with regards to the unrefined and organic status of our shea butter. You can always refer this to Trading Standards and I shall gladly show them the certificates of analysis.

Your so called review of this shea butter will be rejected because it has no base and is simply a silly and malicious statement from someone who doesn't even the courtesy to ask me a question before posting nonsense.

Please don't bother and order from me again. I have no interest whastoever to do business with ignorant people.


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13 February 2013

Reply from Cebraonline

True, I could have responded by just maintaining my "innocence" but the fact is that you just send me an insulting email about the shea butter, refused to return the product, proceeded to post a false review on my site and then sent me various rather unsavoury emails. I run a very small fairtrade business supporting impoverished communities and sometimes I run out of patience with people who don't bother to stop and think about what they are saying and accusing others of. I don't have to lie. I don't sell fake goods. I am not in the horsemeat industry so to speak. If you are not sure you received the correct product then email me and talk to me in a friendly manner. You will receive outstanding customer service as many of my regular customers will confirm. I shall even pay your return postage despite you being based in Montenegro and being totally wrong. Natural products manufactured with lots of love and hardship the traditional way aren't everybody's cup of tea and I accept that. What I don't accept is arrogance, ignorance, false claims, refusal to communicate properly and rudeness.

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