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Perfume Click

Express delivery in low cost

1-3days delivery in less than £2 and arrived safely nice packed. Very good indeed.

Very good

Love the free delivery !!! Thanks!


The worse experience because the USELESS tour guide!!!

Big bus
Someone from the Big Bug should get fired!!!
We took the big bus on the 11th September, around 2ish or 3ish afternoon, Right outside the Buckingham Palace the Big Bus busstop, this skinny bloke "Big Bus Tour Guide" said there's no mandarin commentary on the bus when asked. Again I ask " Cantonese?" "no theres no Cantonese commentary", he replied... But as soon as we board to the bus there is a flag of the Chinese language!!! The bloke called himself a "Big Bus Tour Guide" but didn't know what is "mandarin"!!! I think a lot other people are better qualified for his job!
Worse, we ask him which bus route should we take as we want to go to the Westminster the Big Ben in the quickest route possible, the same bloke "Big Bus Tour Guide" told us all the routes are the same, but we end up on a wrong bus route TWO HOURS endless route to Kensington which is further and further and further away from the Westminster Big Ben where we actually wanted to go... and definitely NOT the same route to the Westminster Big Ben!!! And that's SERIOUSLY WASTE of our precious time! What's more... that day was our last day in london we actually wanted to do more on a last day but with the Big Bus tour guide told us such wrong information by the time really get to Westminster Big Ben was already 6pm!!!! The Big Bus last admission was just before 7pm!!! We had not see anything else by the very expensive £66 Big Bus tickets !!! The last boat not even take us back to where we boarding!
I truly hope he does get fired! I hope the Big Bus management do read this!!!! ---- On the 11th September, around 2ish or 3ish afternoon, Right outside the Buckingham Palace the Big Bus busstop, this skinny bloke of Big Bus Tour Guide!!! Should get fired and refund my money back £66.00!!!

The Paris Pass

A total rip off

This is a total rip off! Travelling in Paris by public transport is cheap!!!! you can by day bus pass for under €3!!! and buy your own museum pass is much cheaper than pay over £100 for two day Paris pass which you really have no time to go to over 60 museums!!!! It is extremely unconvenice to pick up this Paris Pass that the office has got no proper signboard but hidden inside behind other building !!! By the time you got to the office already cost you extra money! DON'T BUY PARIS PASS

Pharmacy First

Best price fast delivery

Best online price for Alli. Speedy delivery service!

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