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Ann Summers Ltd

Cheats & Scams?

It's my first online shopping experience with Ann Summers (AS), and I'm a International buyer who made 3 orders within days. The second and third orders came without problem, but the first was a total screw-up. I had wonderful experiences shopping at online UK websites like ASOS, thinking that the experiences will be the same, but boy I was wrong and only hoped I should have done my homework and read reviews like these.

I ordered 16 items during the sales on 11th Jan 2013 totalling £113.50, and it came like what a previous reviewer Helena Tisdall said, a slim package with 3 items equalling £22. Since it's my first order, I don't know how AS operates so thinking the order was so big it might sent in 2 lots. The package came with the 3 books (50 shades Trilogy), a tube and a brief I ordered with no order form attached, so it made sense with 2 lots, but the package internally was yucky with slime and what looks like lube. Yikes!

I had so far sent 4 'emails' on the contact page, with no response at all. I do not want to waste time and money on international calls on their irresponsibilities regarding my missing merchandises which equal £91.50, a lot of money in my perspective. When one send an international package, one has to declare a custom form on the package of how much the goods are worth. In my case, it indicated the full £113.50, but only £22 of goods, with no notification from the company. If this is not classify under cheats and scams, what is? Best is AS chose to ignore such emails.

I'm surprised that some buyers I read online just let it go, not going after their money cheated. Shouldn't such cases be reported to local police authorities? If many individuals were cheated of tens/hundreds in pounds, I only can wonder why the group is so freaking rich, must be a joy to audit their accounts.

Anyway I will bring it to the local UK embassy's attention in my country should AS choose to ignore my 'emails' any further and not resolve such problems. I encourage UK buyers to activate their consumer protection rights and inform the local authorities regarding such matters.

It's a shame really, with some good merchandise but really lousy customer service and problematic experiences, subjecting buyers to worrisome frustrations and loss of money.

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