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The LED clip-on safety lights are a great item, but the product quality needs to looked in to.

I ordered four LED clip-on pet safety lights (two red, two blue). When I opened the first blue one it would not stay lit. The second blue on worked for two nights then it quit working. I have only used one red one so far, and it is working good. They are a big help when they work.
I have two all black, med. sized dogs. At night they lie on the floor, in a dark room and I and my husband have taken a couple tumbles over them. We are senior citizens and falls are bad news.
I let them outdoors at night to have a nature call. There are spots in the yard where they are in the shadow of our shed from the pole light. I can't see them (I think they know that) and they will stand there and look at me. But with those little lights I can see them. Problem solved....except when the lights quit working.
I would send them back to be replaced, but it would cost more to do that, than what they cost. So, what do I do? Send them back or order more. I really like them, but, so far the quality doesn't make it an easy decision.
I would like to get more of them, if it were possible, but don't know what to do.

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