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Wrong Item received

I ordered a shirt as a Christmas present, chosing store delivery.
When I received the parcel I realised I was sent the wrong item, a completely dirrerent style and colour. Additionally, the clear plastic envelop containing the garment was completely torn up, like is someone already opened very badly my parcel, and there were not tags attached to the product.
I immediately conatcted customer service, the number provided on the website did not work and a message was informing to call a different one, where another automated message informed me customer service was already closed and would have reopened on the 2nd of January.
I had to order immediately another shirt and during the payment process I found out it would have arrived on the 2nd of January, which was very inconvenient, given the fact it was supposed to be a present. I also emailed immediately customer service to infomr them about the issue and asking to please check to send the right garment out this time, but no reply.
I was able to speak to Customer service only on the 2nd of January (nobody contacted me with regard to my email), when I called asking information about the retun and to know if the new parcel arrived to the store. I was told it was in the store since the 30th of December. This again was very annoying, because, as informed during my order process, the store was supposed to email me or call me and let me know my parcel arrived, which they did not do.
Overall, a very disappointing experience which I am not willling to repeat.

10 January 2014

Reply from Superdry

Hi Francesca,

We apologise for the problems you encountered during your recent purchase from our website with store delivery.

We received a very high volume of customer emails over the Christmas period which caused a delay in our responses to customers emails.

I would also like to apologise for the store not letting you know when your second parcel arrived at the store. This was an oversight and you should have been informed if that was what you requested.

Thank you for your comments, they are an essential part of improving our processes and customer experience.

Kind Regards,

Superdry Care.


Awful experience, after more than 1 month I am still waiting for the product or a refund

I placed the order on the 9th of January, and I was sent the incorrect item. Since I needed it really quickly I ordered it again, then, as suggested by customer service, I sent back the wrong item received.
The new order was placed on the 19th of January, dispatched on the 23rd, with delivery estimated on the 28th. A week after the 28th the parcel was not arrived yet, I contacted customer service and after numerous emails and days finally got an answer stating I should have waited for the delivery frame stated on the despatch email...which was on the 28th of course.
I contacted again, to get an answer which could be useful, and still had an answer which looked automated. I honestly felt that customer service did not even take time to read my emails, since they gave me every time answers which clearly were not answers to the questions I was asking.
I had to call the customer service (to a number which is NOT free), and a member of staff told me, quite rudely, to fill a form and send it back to have immediately a refund. I sent it back and after three days no answers and no refund yet.
As for the parcel I sent back asking for a refund, after two weeks from the day i sent it back and numerous email the customer service finally answered saying they did not get it and asked to send them copy of postal receipt for receiving immediate refund.
Even in this case, I did it three days ago and no answers or refund yet.
So, to me this experience has been just awful. After more than a month I did not get the item I needed, I paid 24 pounds because I had to order twice and I did not get any refund either.
The customer service is completely useless, they say they should reply by 24 hours and they never do it, when they do it is clear they not even read the customers issues/questions, and when a customer, tired of the situation, decides to spend money to call them, they are rude and annoyed.
There are so many other companies more reliable out there, never ever again I will buy from HQ Hair (I did it a while ago and it was more or less fine, even if in that occasion too I had to end up calling the customer service team for some issue) and I highly recommend customers to spend their money somewhere else.
It is just a frustrating experience. As for me, to get my money back I also opened two cases with Paypal, which I never had to do before in my life.

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