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All Slots Casino

Your standard online casino website, with "secure and easy" interface, or so it seems....

I am not one of those people who is an avid gambler, I actually sort of frown about the whole sinning-online experience, but I will admit that sometimes I enjoy gambling a bit because of that feeling you get from winning and the few times I have done so, was once on the site

The sign up process took me at least few minutes, and they seemed to have a focus on making sure I was a real person, and then I had to download the casino and install it on my computer in order to play. I got some kind of bonus for signing up and depositing money, but I didn't follow the details as it seemed a bit convoluded and I just want to play some damn BLACKJACK! Anyway, after about 20 minutes or downloading and signing up, I was playing a legitimate and pretty fun game of blackjack on my computer. I also tried them on my iPad once and must say that was REALLY fun but not sure if that was the same site even or if it redirected me.


Bit of awkward layout, but overall a solid working site.

This is one of those sites that seems to have adopted the mantra of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it" - and like it implies, there is nothing functionally wrong with the site, all the links seem to work and you eventually find what you are looking for, but as far as user experience is concered, it is pretty obvious that it has been neglected the past few years and looks like what I would imagine a new website to have looked like in 2002.


Suprisingly accurate news site with a bit of a bias against the west, but not too much...

Aljazeera is one of those sites that I go to read and understand what "the other side" is reading... - the site itself is very well laid out, loads quickly and has very few errors and typos. The news itself seems to be slightly anti-west and anti-israel, but I guess that is just muslim frustration on having lost so many wars in that neighborhood. I enjoy reading the site and found their information to be rather accurate, at least in regardis to facts and research. The site seems a bite hyberbole with opinions, but that is to be expected.


Fun to read news site, but very sensationalistic and not so into the "truth" of the stories.

Foxnews is one of my favorite sites to gloss over, but it is not such an accurate place to get your news from. One example is that they always seem to sensationalize the price of oil going up, and they specifically quote the "Brent Crude" prices when they want to imply that oil has gone really high, and WTC when they want to show that the price went down. The reason for this is that they seem to want SHOCK value rather than "just the facts."

Great site visually, fun to read, not sure about the content, accuracy or message.

CNN is one of those sites that ahs become a household name when it comes to news, however, I get the distinct feeling that they are really disconnected from the reality of the world and seem to be more focused on pushing their own agendas rather than reporting the news in a non-bias, factual format.

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Frank Brown
Male, 1969
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I am a mad man stuck in the body of a highly functional human being. I enjoy artwork and travel. I am semi-retired from my dotl-com era luck and spend most of my time scouring the web for the NEXT BIG THING...perhaps you can point me in the write direction?