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Nice work, shame about the booking system and after work QC

To actually make a booking, the Autoglass website offered an appointment three days later. Seeing as though I needed the windscreen repaired sooner I thought I'd give the phone line a go. What a joke! The earliest they could offer was 8 days later, 'due to the floods'. This was in April 2014 for goodness sake, in Hertfordshire (we had no floods!!!)

I was also informed that the website was misleading as the slot shown is only a 'request' slot and in reality was always wrong and therefore the customer service team would always reschedule the appointment.

So, 8 days later the engineer arrived within one hour towards the end of the agreed 6 hour time slot (1pm to 6pm.) He explainded what work needed to be done and was very efficient and 45 minutes later the job was done.

I was invited to check the work, it looked good and so I signed it off. My mistake, I should have looked closely at the seal inside and out.

Later that evening, when I sat in the drivers seat, I noticed a bulge of sealent at eye level on the driver's side pillar. So I looked a little further and then noticed the sealant had splurged out between the interior pillar trim and windscreen. It looks cr@p. It actually looked like a job I had once done when resealling with sillicone sealer around my bath!

Then, adjusting the drivers mirror for my position, I couldn't! The camera and rain sensor surround wasn't flush with the windscreen (as it were befor ehte replacement) and so the mirror couldn't be angled correctly. D'Oh!

So I've now had to book a 'warrant' call out.


Fast, efficient, professional and reasonably priced!

I stumbled across this company by chance. I was looking for an item and they came up in a Yahoo search. I took the chance and out of all of the orders I have placed to date over the past few weeks, not one has been wrong, late or expensive.

The emails to keep me informed are very useful as is the ability to check order status via my account through their website.

Like I said, "Fast, Efficient, Professional and Resonably Priced!"


Great service, great prices, definitely the best place for Parcels-to-Go!

I've used Parcel2Go on many occassions. For me they are the only trusted source of courier prices and booking service, all in one place. Whenever I've needed help, which is very rare as their website is so easy to use, they have bene spot on with their advise.

Today was a fine example, thanks Daniel, you rock!

Definitely Parcel-to-Go!

Mazuma Mobile

Quick, easy, no fuss service.

I heartily recommend this service. If you've got a phone that you no longer use and can't be bothered with eBay or feel that no-one would want it, try Mazuma. Their offer prices are quite competitive and their same day payment service is so convenient. They even provide the pre-paid returns label, all you need to do is to bag it, ship it and spend the dosh!

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