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Kwik Fit

'Clueless Females Beware'

I was sent an email from Kwik Fit offering a free break pad/disc check. I drive an automatic and the break pads wear down quickly so I took them up on the offer. The guys there were polite enough.
After the check the man behind the desk said "your breaks are fine, there was no point in you coming in really". Didn't really get why he'd said that as I thought the whole point was to have the breaks "checked"...sorry Mr Kwik Fit man if you felt I wasted your time by taking you up on the offer YOUR company emailed ME.
Obviously dissappointed there was no money to be made here he proceeded to tell me that I did, however, need the break fluid changed (or whatever the technical term is I don't quite remember). I replied "but I had that done here about a month ago"....then he was back tracking "Oh yes, sorry I didn't check that", he said. So obviously that was a load of **** made up to try and make a quick buck. Also apparenltly I needed my two front tyres change, one was illegal, and if I got stopped by the police I would get 3 points on my license! I told him I wasn't going to get it done today, went home and booked for an engineer to come out and change them.
When he got there he told me they were actually road worthy and that I didn't need to get them changed just yet! Really??
Also the guy in the Kwit Fit garage never gave me the copy of the receipt that tells you the details of what you need done ie tyre depth measurements etc, so I guess he was trying to cover his own back in case he was 'outed'.
I go to Kwik Fit because they are quick and convenient. But I won't be going there again!

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