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Victoria Plumb

Bad bad bad!!

Ordered 2 RH shower trays only to have 2 LH ones delivered. .. Had to then wait 4 days for replacements to arrive only for the same thing to happen again.

Get it right VP - clearly your organisation needs improving and thanks to you we're now over a week behind with our bathroom schedule.

One mistake could maybe be forgiven but two?? Very poor.

28 November 2013

Reply from

Dear Jenny Streek

We apologise that you have received the incorrect item on more than one occasion, once the two orders are back we can investigate what product codes are on the packaging and investigate. We are sorry the delay and inconvenience caused.

Kind Regards
Victoria Plumb Customer Service Department


AVOID and go to a decent, well run rescue centre.

We set our sights on one of the dogs on their website, filled in the form and arranged a home check. Conscious that I didn't know anything about the dog, I thought it reasonable / sensible to phone up and ask a few questions - I'm glad I did as the advert painted a totally different picture to what the woman described on the phone. After a ten minute conversation she told me that if the home check was ok, we could see the dog at the weekend and take her home on the day if we liked her.
Two days before the meeting, I received an email to simply say "you're not experienced enough for this dog" - no explanation as to why. Having owned dogs for 30 years and in the past competed in high level obedience and agility shows; worked in rescue centres and vet surgeries myself, I found this very upsetting. But she advised still having the homecheck done as they would maybe have other dogs more suitable. There were a few on the website, but with very brief, generic write ups, so it was difficult to gain a good insight as to who would suit us. I was told I could only see one dog, not two, so had to make a quick decision despite them being in the same place!! This felt very odd - I wasn't asking them to 'reserve' the dog, as to be honest - as long as the dog gets a home, it doesn't matter if it's me or someone else - once that happens, more can be rescued!
Homecheck was done the following day and we were told we could offer a wonderful home for a dog. I was totally honest with the homechecker and asked her if we could use her report for other rescue centres should this one not work out, as we were back to square one with our search really, having had the original dog we thought we wanted taken away. She told us that "rescue centres work together" and so of course we could share the report - the other rescue centre just needed to email pupsneeding homes. She even told us about a dog that she knew locally that was looking for a home. This was a nice, sensible attitude from her, and mirrored that of Foal Farm, where they said it was important to match the right dog to the right owners, rather than go 'internet dating' and be forced to take something from a photo and a few sentences!
As we were travelling quite far to pupsneedinghomes the following day to meet the 'new dog' that I knew nothing about, I thought it sensible to visit another centre on the same day which was practically next door. Knowing that we were looking to take on a life time commitment, I wanted to make sure that we found a dog that we had a good connection with - I didn't care what shape / size / breed it was, but wanted to see at least a couple of dogs in the flesh, rather than just go on the website photo. The other rescue centre obviously emailed pupsneedinghomes to confirm that we were 'valid' and afterwards, I then received the RUDEST trail of emails I've ever received, basically branding us as 'timewasters', 'dog shoppers' and to inform us that as we were going to see a few dogs, they had cancelled our appointment.
It was an incredibly upsetting experience and I don't think the women that run this 'rescue centre' are entirely sane - yes they probably love the animals, but they have absolutely no people skills and have to realise that the best charities can reach their goals (i.e. stopping more dogs dying) by treating their 'customers' (i.e those who are offering up homes) with respect. Having worked in a rescue centre before in Russia where the dogs literally had days left to live, we most certainly would have NEVER treated potential homes with such rude manners - we were always grateful that the dogs were getting a second chance and not being pts.... We rehomed many dogs by streamlining our processes and not being so fussy - as overall, you had to look at the alternative that the dog would have - DEATH!! Having a good experience with an animal shelter meant that the word would be spread about adopting rather than buying - it all helped to try and stop the problem in the first place.

This rescue home could have very easily put a lot of people off rehoming rescue dogs as no one in their right mind deserves to be treated like they treated me. For this, they are doing a disgrace to the animals rather than trying to get as many homes as possible. No matter what you do in life, there is no harm in treating people well - it's surprising what comes out as a result. These people seem to a hatred for the human race. For what it's worth, had I used their home check for another rescue, I had intended to give them a rather large donation towards their work, but this has now gone to the centre that we eventually used to get our gorgeous dog who we picked up last week.

My advice would be to stay clear of this place and go to a centre where they actually have the right intentions. I will still be taking this further with the authorities to check that they are fully aware of this shambles of an organisation.

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