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The most appalling, most badly designed and bug-tastic website I have ever known.

I hate the site with a vengeance. My personal experience is that it doesn't work properly, and has been in this state for *years* and that's not an understatement. To have left it so long in such a botched state shows they really don't care. For the upteenth time, I can't login and can't reset my password or username. This is how it typically goes:

I give my email and password and I get an error message:

•Forgotten your password? No problem. Just tell us your username and we’ll send you an email so you can reset it.

So, I give my email, the same one they email me on, that I previously used to login to my account with and I get:

•There seems to be a problem with your account. Please try again or contact us.
•You seem to have given us the wrong user name. Please try again...

So I use my phone number instead. One that I *know* is registered and previously had access to. I get:

•Sorry, we can't reset your password as you've entered a number that's not registered. Please check carefully and try again..

Guess what happens when I try to enter my account number? You guessed it, another 'we're so sorry' error....

What ever you do, never, never, NEVER pay via the website. It's so buggy that one time they double charged me. When I contacted customer services I got this response:

"I have checked the system and can see that due to some technical error the payment was taken twice"

Hoorah! Can I have my money back then? No.... They wouldn't give it back, instead choosing to 'credit' my account so my next bill would be taken from the 'credit'.

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Swift Supplements

Very good and trustworthy shop. Great prices too!

Been using this company for a long while now. Staff are great and know their products. Prices are extremely cheap, never buy from manufacturer directly. Delivery is also great.

The Whisky Exchange

Well known and respected company

I knew of this shop via a friend and was aware the company is a well known and respected place to buy good quality whisky. I decided to buy myself a few bottles and some glassware(Talisker 57' North, Bruichladdich X4+3, 2 Glencairn Glass - Talisker Glass Tumbler was thrown in for free) . Items were delivered exactly as specified and very safely wrapped. Glassware is great, I especially like the Talisker Glass Tumbler with its round base so it rocks but doesn't fall over. Both the Talisker and Bruichladdich taste gorgeous. Happier than a pig in the brown stuff. Will buy from here again.

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