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3 Recoveries and they seem fine...

Don't know why all the bad reviews for Green Flag. I've had 3 recoveries with them this year and up to now they seem fine.

Twice they haven't beaten their 1 hour recovery promise - but then again one was at 1am in the morning in Shrewsbury (they had to send someone all the way from Stafford!) and the 2nd time was in the recent flooding, so understandable - but despite this have always been there within 2 hours which to be honest I think 2 hours is more than acceptable - in the past we had a motability vehicle and with the RAC at times we were told to attempt to drive the vehicle home - even when a wheel bearing had gone - we told the GF guys this and they were quite shocked that the RAC had advised that.

The only bad thing was when the car got flooded at first the guy they called out was insistent he took the car to his specific garage which was miles away from where we live and treat it as a write off (the vehicle was only 3 miles down the road from our local garage, where as it was nearly 20 miles to his - so it was less towing for him anyway!). Although a quick call to Green Flag and they soon sorted it out and he agreed to tow the car to our garage - our local garage (Overton Service Station) managed to get the car going again and removed all the water from it.

At first when it got flooded the guy said to us he didn't know whether he could retrieve it as it might be in too deep water, however he did do his up most and managed within 30 minutes to pull it out and dropped it off at our local garage, so despite initial problems everything was rectified.

Have give them 5 stars even though one of the call outs resulted in the guy being quite insistent the vehicle was taken to their garage because the person doing the towing at the time wasn't one of their vans, so was acting independently and when calling them up they quickly rectified the situation.


Lighter with no gas - your having a laugh aren't you???

Just bought a lighter from these jokers today. A turboflame. Had previously bought one from Go Outdoors and it was fine, really nice and lit well.

Got the one I bought from Blacks out the packet and went to light it - nothing... Tried again... nothing.... ok what am I doing wrong - it feels kind of light to start with, so I looked on the pack.

On the pack it states that "This lighter is supplied empty for safety reasons" - what??? really?? I buy a lighter in a shop and it has no gas in it - the idea of a "LIGHTER" is to light things - how the hell can I light stuff with an empty one???

I've seen refillable lighters for sale all over the place, but this is the first time I've ever come across one that is supplied empty. Even those kitchen lighters come with gas in them.

Considering how hard these things are to refill that's a pretty poor and dirty trick to pull on your customers Blacks, next time I need a new Turboflame I'll go back to GoOutdoors instead, at least they supply them with gas.


Absolute scam artists

We had insurance for 3 years now from ibuyeco and have normally been quite happy.

We've been paying every year for our insurance for the past 3 years.

This year we had a change of bank card and they tried to take the payment from the old card.

This declined of course, they then sent us a letter out stating that they were charging us £45 for cancelling our policy. I called them because we hadn't received or signed any contract for them this year.

I called them up immediately and explained that we hadn't received the letters and that if we pay our entire insurance now would they waive the £45 fee. All I got was I'm sorry but that fee has now been applied and you can't just pay us for your policy now without paying that £45 first.

I told them is this how they treat someone who has been with them for 3 years. I used to work in a call centre and know there is ways they can waive that fee.

Plus I deem that £45 fee is a charge for breach of contract and therefore exceeds the legal "reasonable" costs fee which most banks are limited to £12.

This is an extortionate scam, I will certainly not be buying my contents insurance from them again in the future - nor will I be using the company that referred me to them which was CompareTheMarket.

Also during the call to the customer service person regarding the £45 I got the response from her that we need to take this money to pay my wages for this phone call. I was absolutely disgusted that she said this, this was totally out of order to mention her wages being paid by the £45. Absolute scam artists - certainly will not deal with them or anyone associated with BSI again! Next time I'll be using LV, I already have a IPI policy with these and they are a lot more professional.

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