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Lying, Lazy, Useless, Terrible Company

-Delivery never arrived.
-Driver lied about phoning us.
- Driver was incompetent on country roads.
-Customer services did not know what was going on.
-Still waiting for very expensive items.

We recently ordered a new shower and components from plubworld. We had never dealt with YODEL before and i hope we never will again. The delivery date was arranged and we were told to wait in the house between 9am and 1pm. First off a ridiculously long time period. It was a very large package that we would all have to help carry, so we stayed in all morning and afternoon, but when it got to 4'o'clock, my Dad, who is a farmer, had to leave as he'd kept putting off his chores on the farm. My mother also had to leave because the dog needed walking before it got dark. I stayed in the house to wait for the delivery man. It never arrived. And the phone never rang. When my mum got back she called YODEL and they told us that the driver had been unable to get to our house because of the narrow roads. The delivery was in a 7and a half tonne wagon and should not have had any problem. We do live in the countryside, but we regularly have milk tankers, animal feed wagons and even huge wagons with with a trailer attached to the back aswell with deliveries of straw for the farm. The driver told head quarters that he had been trying to find our house for an hour and had rung the house multiple times. If he was looking for our house for an hour why didn't he just knock on a door and ask someone? We are small group of villages and anyone could have told him where to go. Secondly the phone never rang, but even if we did somehow miss the call, why didn't he leave a message on the answering machine?
After this first 'failed delivery' we were told that the earliest they could re-deliver would be 5 days after the original disaster delivery date. We waited and waited for a confirmation, but when they did actually ring, it was to tell us they had no record of delivery on the Wednesday, but would definately deliver on the Thursday, a week after the original date. However when they rung us again on Tuesday, they said that they had no record of a delivery date on Thursday but could do Friday. We are still waiting to find out if this new delivery date is just another fairy tale.
Overall i cannot believe that this national company, could be so amateur and useless. It's a very good thing that we are self-employed farmers and hadn't had to take time off work to wait in for the delivery. Whilst the people we spoke to on the phone were polite enough, they seemed to have no idea how to handle our situation. YODEL still have over £700 worth of our stuff. And it is very worrying that we may never recieve the delivery and will be very out of pocket.

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