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My Tuxedo

Quick delivery and good quality!

My order was delivered the next day and the shirt was a very good fit made of quality garment.

Auto Europe UK

Extra costs, ludacrisly high deposit and a car fault that almost killed us

Our rental was directly from Auto Europe (same name brand was on the counter) and not from another provider, at the airport in Treviso, Italy.

Firstly, the guy behind the counter did not have a clue what insurance excess was, let alone how much it was on this rental. We rented a Peugeot van and were asked to put a €2500 deposit on a credit card which was then reduced to €1600. Still outrageous, probably could have bought this car for that amount of money.

Secondly, the car did not have winter tires (in February) and although a legal requirement in Italy over winter, no snow chains (we had to pay extra for these).

Most importantly, the car was a bit worse for wear (broken front bumper) and while overtaking another car on the motorway THE GAS PEDAL GOT STUCK in full ignition and the engine was going crazy while I tried to kick the pedal out of full ignition and bring the car under control and not kill 4 other people who were in the car with me. We were basically very lucky this did not happen in different circumstances and in front of oncoming traffic.

When we told this to the guy at the counter when returning the car, he just politely thanked us for informing him.

If you value your and your passengers' safety more than a few extra $ (which may be charged in hidden costs through Auto Europe anyway), you should look to choose a more reliable and safer rental service.

13 February 2013

Reply from Auto Europe UK

Dear Mirza,

I am very sorry to hear of your car hire experience and would like to clarify the situation as soon as possible.

Auto Europe, as an Internet car hire broker, does not run or posses any desk at any of the car hire destinations. When you book through Auto Europe, you pick up the car from one of our suppliers. In Italy, there is a supplier called Auto Europa. Having said that, I can presume that you might have picked up the car from Auto Europa desk and not from the correct supplier specified on your voucher. This would explain why the supplier employee did not know about your insurance details. This is only my assumption and would like to help you solve your problem. Therefore, could you please contact Auto Europe customer service at: customerservice@auto-europe.co.uk. Please forward your rental documents and your Auto Europe voucher number, so that we can address your claim.

Kind regards,
Auto Europe

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