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Bella Barista - For Coffee Lovers

Highest quality service

Top drawer service from Bella Barista. Despite me testing their online shop to the maximum through user error, they were quick, polite and efficient when I rang them and soon sorted out my order.

Next day delivery worked as advertised and less than 24 hours after ordering I had my item - which was exactly the high quality advertised.

Good value for money, good service, nice work! Definitely recommended.


Evasive, difficult to deal with and failed to deliver. Avoid.

If some odd, world-wide disaster left Furnishing Homes UK as the only furniture retailers left on the planet I would go into the forest and gnaw down a tree with my teeth and fashion it into a table by clawing the hard, unyielding wood with my fingernails until they were ripped out and my fingers bleeding and ragged stumps, rather than deal with this company again.

After almost a month of stress, constant seemingly ignored or misunderstood emails and unanswered phone calls I ended up without the item I ordered, and had wasted a day at home waiting for a non-existent delivery.

I did however, against all my expectations, get a refund cheque which didn't bounce - so credit where credit is due.

Would not recommend. Avoid.

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