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Csl Furniture

Customer service, what a joke!!

Purchased two sofas from CSL and had them delivered two months ago. After a month 2 of the 3 front feet were bent to the point they looked like collapsing! Rang customer services who sent somebody out today to see the problem, and he agreed it was bad. He also looked at the footstool which creeks when you move it, and the legs were slightly bent on that. The legs have castors on the bottom which are also loose. Got a call tonight from customer services saying they would in no way replace the sofa, it would have to be fixed, and the footstool just needs lubricating. I have never been spoken to the way I was tonight. The girl was so rude saying it was not a manufacturing fault, I argued back it was, and was told I had a "chip on my shoulder" and a bad attitude!!! I asked to speak to her manager but was told "my manager will only tell you the same thing, and with your attitude won't talk to you at all". She then said she would call back tomorrow "when my attitude was better". She then hung up.....I have worked in customer services for 17 years and never experienced anything like that in my life. Whatever you do don't be fooled by the salesmen who bend over backwards for a sale, then once you have paid your treated like this. I'm going to store tomorrow to speak to somebody with the respect you deserve as a customer!!

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