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Not for us!!!

Initially we had some issues migrating our sites over that caused some delays and whilst the service was professional and friendly they lack experience (my opinion not necessarily a fact), the hosting products offered are reasonably priced and well worth a look if just starting out, but for an up a running concern looking to switch to a new service do so with caution and prepare for downtime.

I was going to bite the bullet and go ahead and sign up for 12 months. that's when our problems started with an issue caused by the ticketing system, ok that's not a big deal for most but added on top of the other issues we had I started to lose confidence that we would be making a good move, we have a lot riding on providing a stable and secure environment for our developer, staff and contracted freelancers we cannot afford downtime and I think you'll agree that 6 days to get 2 sites up and running with 47 sites left to go I couldn't risk it.

However apparently my request to cancel our service "Didn't make sense" to TSO which I must admit instantly got my back up and made me feel like our business didn't matter, they did however offer us a free month to try and resolve things.

For me being told my decision to cancel didn't make sense as I didn't feel confident in the service, just nailed the lid shut, up until then I was going to give it one more chance to win me over. I've been doing this job for some 20 years and understand there are always little problems migrating to a different host, and it's not like we were paying £1000s of pounds but whether it' £20 or a £1000 if your business relies on it, it's your livelihood and protecting that does make sense.


Pay Now Get Items Next Year

3 strikes and they are out.

1. Ordered two flat packed desks, arrived late and damaged after several phone calls they agreed to refund delivery charge still paid for 2 damaged desks though.

2. Ordered a washing machine as wife just out of hospital needed it urgent paid extra for quick delivery, two weeks late still no refund on delivery charge.

3. Ordered a TV, told it will be 3 - 5 working days, told it could be tracked on their site, the site said item had been dispatched, 2 days later we get a phone call telling us it hasn't been sent out in fact it's going to be another week. Things are improving we got a phone call.

Worse company ever if you need something within a time frame, undamaged or expect a refund for paying extra for fast delivery.

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