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Legally mugged by viagogo?

I bought 2 final tickets for the Australian Open Tennis tournament from viagogo as I could not purchase them from ticketek. The price, apparently dictated by the seller, was much inflated, from the original sale price.

My daughter had to return to Perth Australia for a work commitment so I put her ticket on the viagogo site for sale. I placed in 'Tickets for finals Weekend'. I was a final ticket which was taking place at the weekend. Perfectly logical place to put it I thought. I asked only for the price I had paid for the ticket.

Viagogo state clearly that the seller names the price!

A few days after placing the ticket on sale I received an email stating my ticket had been purchased and I was to send the electronic ticket to viagogo.

After forwarding the ticket the following day I received an email asking me to contact viagogo as soon as possible as there was an issue with the ticket. I called them from Melbourne Australia and spoke to a young man who told me that I had placed the ticket in the wrong area. The 'Finals Weekend Tickets' were for Ladies Final and Mens Final pairs. I told the young man that their site had not made that clear. He assured me I didn't have to worry as the buyer had agreed to pay half the price as there was only one ticket. I informed the young man that I had no intention of selling the Men's Final ticket for half what I had paid for it and that I'd rather give it away. I made it quite clear the ticket was not to be sold at this price. I checked on their website daily to ensure that no sale was confirmed. I received no further communication from viagogo until after the match.

As Andy Murray succeeded in getting through to the final (our hero) my daughter contacted her employer explaining she had an opportunity to see the final and her employer gave her blessing.

My for sale ticket never registered as sold on Viagogo site; in fact it disappeared altogether.
On entering the stadium there was an issue with my ticket. However I was allowed to enter. This did make me rather nervous. When my daughter and I entered the Rod Laver stadium to take our seats mine was already occupied by a young man. I explained to him that I had refused to sell the ticket for the price viagogo had quoted him.
He went off and then just after the match started an official asked me to accompany her downstairs. Initially I refused stating that I had paid a lot of money to see the final and that's what I intended to do. I knew it would just be a short reprieve.

The official returned and I was forced to go downstairs to the ticket office where my only option of seeing the match was to buy another ticket! I did this as I was keen to get back upstairs to watch the match. So not only had I paid viagogo for the ticket but also had to purchase a second ticket because viagogo had made a right mess of managing their sales.

A few days after the final I received an email from viagogo telling me that as the 'buyer' of my ticket had been forced to purchase a second ticke tI would not receive any payment. They really do not listen to their customers.

I would most definitely not recommend this company.

I have read your response to my review.
You omit to mention my phone call clearly stating that I was not selling the ticket at half the price I had paid for it.. What I did with my ticket was really nothing to do with viagogo as I had cancelled the sale. You made no further contact with me and did not update the status of the ticket online. Your customer service was frankly non existent although the 'buyer' of my £400+ ticket did very nicely as he managed to get into the stadium using my ticket - not paid for- and then only had to pay ticketek price for viewing the final! I on the other hand paid over £400 and then had to pay for ticketek ticket. Not impressed at all.

15 February 2013

Reply from Viagogo

Hi Isabel,

We can confirm that on 15/01 you purchased tickets for ‘Twilight Session – men’s singles final’ – you received these 2 e-tickets the same evening.

On 20/01 you re-listed these same tickets as ‘Finals Weekend’ and these were sold on 23/01

These tickets were listed incorrectly as ‘Finals Weekend’ when they should have been listed as ‘Twilight Session – men’s singles final’ as you originally purchased them. We can confirm this option was available to you at the time of listing.

As you were unable to fulfill as you listed we offered the buyer a 50% refund. When a seller lists tickets for sale that they can’t provide they risk not being paid and being charged any fee incurred finding replacement tickets for the buyer. As the event was close we offered the buyer a discount to keep the tickets which they accepted, which in turn allowed us to pay you 50% of the proceeds.

We decided on this 50% discount as the buyer only received 50% of what they ordered. They purchased for 2 days and only received for one.

When you sell tickets you agree that you forfeit ownership and the right to use them. We were not informed that you were going to use this tickets in spite of selling it. As a results the buyer believed this ticket to be valid meaning two people attempted the use the same ticket at the venue. In the case of doubled e-tickets the venue staff have the right to reject both parties.

In line with our guarantee we refunded the buyer in full as the ticket provided did not grant them entry.

The viagogo team!

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