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Always go with GHD!

I've owned a pair of GHD's since I was 17! I'm now 22 and i've only had to buy my second pair in the last week. They're so fantastic! They've traveled all over the world with me and i've used them once, if not twice a day for nearly 5 years. Can't get much more reliable than that! My old pair are still working but they turned a little bit dodgy and keep trying to reach temperature and beep every now and again when they're not supposed to. So i've decided to finally buy a new pair (Cherry Blossom Design) and they're gorgeous. Lovely to look at and straighten/curl like nobody's business. The ONLY thing I would have bad to say about them is that the make my hair a little bit static whilst i'm using them (when my older pair didnt) but the end result is always what i'm looking for. Thanks GHD, you've made my frizzy nightmare hair a pleasure to work with :)

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