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We bought two, two seater sofas from them 3 months ago. The leather has stretched beyond belief and the cushions have sagged. They are in a far worse condition than the sofas replaced which were 10 years old. We complained to their Head office who sent out a "qualified" upholsterer to look at the problems. In our house he slated CSL as a terrible company to work for and agreed that the cushions had softened excessively and that the leather had stretch excessively. He also gave us the "heads up" that CSL would make us sign a disclaimer which would void the manufacturers guarentee before they would fit "interliners" which would pad the furniture out to restore it to it's showroom condition. It was obvious that the guy was "sitting on the fence", one story for us another for his employer. He duly submitted his report to CSL and their customer services manager contacted us to sign a disclaimer citing that the "qualified" upholsterer had found no fault with our furniture just normal settling. I ask for and received a copy of the the upholsterer's report and he had done as I expected, one story for the customer and a whole different one for his company. I wrote a letter of complaint and got one back which in essence said they were going to do nothing unless I signed their disclaimer. Next stop, a visit to the store which sold us the sofas, even got to see the smiling apologetic salesman who sold us the sofas. Apparently after the store sells you the goods it is "out of their hands" and over to their Head Office - very convenient. However the smiling saleman assured us that he would contact Head Office to reiterate our displeasure and get someone to contact us. Today that someone did and just repeated everything that had been said before which is in essence "We had your money, you've been had, now shut up put up and get lost". We could provide them with some very nice free advertising but I doubt it would get us anywhere, so at the end of the day it is easier for us to chalk it up to experience, accept that we have thrown away in excess of £2000, wait for the furniture to become unbearable and replace it.

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