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Absolute rubbish! Avoid at all costs.

Ordered flowers on the 2nd February (yes 12 days prior) to be delivered on Valentines Day as I would be out of the country on business.
Got an email on the 14th February at 13:05 saying they can't deliver on that day but will deliver on the 15th! Offered 50% discount. WOW! Big deal.
I work abroad and there is no way on this planet that I am now going to be able arrange delivery of flowers on this day. To say I am peed off is an understatement.
And my partner? Well she is now without flowers on Valentines Day :-(
What an absolute disgraceful way to conduct business. And He reckons he can take on more orders and make his company bigger... He's having a laugh. I Will avoid this shambles of a service in the future at all costs.

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